About Us

We are the largest one-stop manufactures for total customised Teak and Mahogany Wood Main Door, Room door, Budget Door, Fire Rated Doors, Sofa's and all type of interior and outdoor furnitures


How our Timber Process Works?

Timber Selection

Transparency and clarity around the timber we buy and sell is the foundation of our social enterprise. Our ethos in selecting timber is clear and simple. It is guided by two principles: We provide a market for timber that promotes well-managed land, forests, and trees as well as a market for timber that would otherwise go to waste.

Timber Ripping

Ripping wood means feeding the material along the grain of the wood through the blade to make a cut along the length of the wood. These types of cuts are easy enough to make, but there's a few things we should look for each and every time we make a cut that will keep us safe and our cuts accurate.

Boron Treatment

The treatment consists of soaking freshly sawn unseasoned timber in solutions of boron salts. The salts diffuse through the timber and after treatment, the timber is allowed to dry. Boron treatments are common in timber where an appearance grading is required.

Kiln Dry

The kiln process involves the drying of wood in a chamber where air circulation, relative humidity and temperature can be controlled so that the moisture content of wood can be reduced to a target point without having any drying defects.

Timber Seasoning

Seasoning is the process of drying timber to remove the bound moisture contained in walls of the wood cells to produce seasoned timber. Seasoning can be achieved in a number of ways, but the aim is to remove water at a uniform rate through the piece to prevent damage to the wood during drying (seasoning degrade).


Our major objective when producing is to explore ways to reduce the environmental impacts of timber products. The specific objectives include the identification of major sources and mechanisms of environmental impacts from timber products. identifying the potential ways to minimize these environmental impacts during the timber production process is our mission.