We believe what we save, saves us, lets go green.

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We support and develop proiects and initiatives that contribute to sustainable forest management (including forest certification), wood traceability, reforestation and protection of biodiversity-rich areas. some of the areas we aim to improve are The rate of water, energy, heat and waste savings, he rate of recycled material use, The use of environmental technologies in production and logistics, Requirement of environmental standards from business partners, The application of sustainable growth indicators.

we undertook the mission to plan 20 trees for every tree we cut down thus promoting the sustainable forest management initiative.


One of the core values at Nuvola is respect. We want to show respect for our customers by delivering great design and quality at the right price. But not at any price.

All Nuvola suppliers must follow our code of conduct in order to ensure that all our products are manufactured in a manner that respects the rights of their employees. We apply our background in our expectations to our suppliers when it comes to quality, environment and work processes.

Over 8 years of experience and know-how provide invaluable benefits for our production facility in Sri Lanka as well as in our close co-operation with our global suppliers. We have carefully selected suppliers that share our commitment to high quality. Together, we work to develop competencies and processes, and to implement initiatives that take responsibility for people and the environment.

In general terms our ambition is to manufacture products with as little impact on the environment as possible. We continuously strive to make environmental improvements in the production of our products as well as the logistical processes involved in delivering Nuvola products to customers, thereby making sure that the effects of our business leave as little footprint on the global environment as possible.


All Nuvola suppliers must follow a code of conduct in order to ensure that all Nuvola products are manufactured in a manner that respects the rights of their emplovees.

The purpose of the code of conduct is to ensure that Nuvola suppliers operate in accordance with internationally recognised standards on human rights, labour and environment Nuvola adheres to the principles of this code and expects the same its suppliers. The content is based on relevant ILO (International labour Organisation) and UN convention.

The aim of the code of conduct is not to end our business with non-compliant suppliers but to help our suppliers improve their social and environmental standards Nuvola is therefore willing to work with suppliers to achieve their compliance with this code. However we will not conduct business with a supplier if compliance with the requirements of the code is deemed impossible. Nor will we conduct business with a supplier engaged in violations of fundamental human rights.


Legal requirements

• Conditions of employment
• Child labour
• Forced labour
• Disciplinary practices
• Freedom of association and collective bargaining
• Working hours and compensation
• Respect for cultural values
• Workplace health and safety
• Environmental protection
• Management responsibilities
• Monitoring and enforcement
• Non-compliance